Restaurant bowl

Restaurant bowl


The restaurant bowl is an everyday go-to. Nina and Marty have registered for the Salt clay/glaze combination shown in the second photo, an off-white stoneware with soft grey speckling coated with a translucent satin glaze. This piece is part of their 4-piece placesetting (set listing can be seen here).

Microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Approximate dimensions: 9”w x 2”h

Each piece will be made-to-order and delivered in person to Nina and Martin upon completion. Please enter discount code LOCAL at checkout so that shipping fees will not be charged to your purchase from their registry. 

After you place your order, a "gift has been purchased" card will be mailed to you stating the pieces that you have ordered. If you would like the card to be mailed directly to Nina and Martin, please email after checkout to let us know, be sure to add a gift message of up would like us to include one.

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