U planter/cup U_lacinato_plant.jpg

U planter/cup

Hanging planters, gloss ivory hanging planters_frost_top.jpg

Hanging planters, gloss ivory

from 32.00
Hanging planters, pamplemousse hanging planters_pamplemousse_plant.jpg

Hanging planters, pamplemousse

from 32.00
Vases, frost (barrel, large cylinder) vases_larege mix.jpg

Vases, frost (barrel, large cylinder)

from 70.00
Hanging planters, lacinato hanging planters_lacinato_top.jpg

Hanging planters, lacinato

from 32.00
Small standing planter sm standing frost.jpg

Small standing planter

Hanging planters, frost hanging planters_frost_top.jpg

Hanging planters, frost

from 32.00
Hanging planters, stone

Hanging planters, stone

from 32.00
Vases, stone (sphere & barrel bud, peanut, cachepot) sphere bud vases.jpg

Vases, stone (sphere & barrel bud, peanut, cachepot)

from 48.00
Palm planter CGCERAMICS planter with saucer | wheel thrown pottery & home decor | visit cg-ceramics.com to shop our collection | come visit us on instagram @cgceramics

Palm planter

Tiny hanging pinch pot hanging pinch brick.jpg

Tiny hanging pinch pot

14.00 28.00