Mugs, terra

Mugs, terra

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Whether a little or a lot of caffeine is part of your daily ritual, our mug collection has you colorfully covered. Terracotta slipcast reproductions of wheel-thrown originals, with gloss-clear liner glaze.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Our demitasse mug is perfect for a shot of espresso, 3 ounce capacity.
Approximate dimensions: 2.25”w (excluding handle) x 2”h

The tall mug is a mug’s mug. This personal go-to holds 14oz comfortably.
Approximate dimensions: 3.25”w (excluding handle) x 3.75”h

Our low mug is classy and cozy for your classic latte; holds 12oz comfortably.
Approximate dimensions: 3.75”w (excluding handle) x 3”h

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